Karibu Udada

...a refreshing way to reconnect as women to live joyful and fruitful lives!

About Us?

Udada is a worldwide revolution for awakening a fresh connection amongst women to restore their spiritual, relational, social and economic health for thriving communities.
It is a refreshing way to reconnect as women to live joyful and fruitful lives!

The Intention


Udada Philosophy


Why Udada?

It was Sojourner Truth who said, “If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back, and get it right side up again!”

Having coached over 5000 women I have witnessed first-hand how the resolve of one woman influences her life results, her family, her work place and her community. And so I can only stand on the conviction that the resolve of many women can influence the spiritual, relational and dare I add economic outcome of a nation!


So is this a religious “thingi”

You keep talking about spiritual and not religious, what do you mean?

We are not religious in the sense that you know it, because religion has a way of bringing further divisions and disconnection into an already fragmented world. However, please understand that the heart of this sisterhood revolution is spiritual, because without the power and love of God, how do you bring healing, light, love and power? But the ripple effects of this spiritual revolution will be relational, social and economic.


What makes this Udada a revolution?

Women have so much going on; chamas, women groups, women ministries etc What makes Udada different?

It is encapsulated by our five channels of sisterhood:

  1. Healing women to women relationships
  2. Developing spiritual confidence
  3. Renewing our mindsets through holistic and wholesome resources
  4. Spreading our light of love to our sisters
  5. Committing to the INpowerment and empowerment of our sisterhood circles

Let me ask who are sisters?

Any woman next to you anywhere is your sister...whether in your neighbourhood, in a bus, in the office or in church, so we must reach out to her with the light of love.

Can my group register and join the Udada?

Now that we already have an organised group, can we still be a part of awakening sisterhood?

Yes you can register an existing group or chama into the sisterhood. And here is why:

  1. To get access to the wholesome sisterhood resources and content
  2. To belong to the sisterhood of joy and fruitfulness
  3. To transform your sisterhood group into a nurturing and refreshing oasis for the woman’s soul
  4. To transform your sisterhood group into progressive spaces of IN-powerment and empowerment
  5. To access to guided wholesome accountability. These resources are exclusive to the registered sisterhood circles

Can I start an Udada Circle?

I don’t live in Nairobi and I’ve not done Alabastron but I want to start one in my hood.

Absolutely! The sisterhood is for all women wherever they are. So yes you can start a sisterhood circle in your ‘hood’ in any part of Kenya, Africa or the world! Whether you are in Berlin, Cape Town, UK, New York, Mombasa, or Eldoret, you can start this sisterhood revolution of connecting women in a refreshing and In-powering way. The ‘hood’ sisterhoods are called circles and the person leading them is called an Activator. So to activate a sisterhood circle takes only three easy steps:

  1. Complete the Activator's form below
  2. Mobilize 3-12 women
  3. You will get a circle membership number, a user name and password that gives you access to resources and materials that guide your monthly meetings. This also gives you wholesome content that IN-power and empowers the sisters whilst strengthening the sisterhood. These resources are exclusive to the registered sisterhood circles

Unpack “I belong” please...

Women are owning this slogan with such passion, what does it mean?

We all like to belong. It gives us identity and a sense of security. Women are belonging to this sisterhood, to know that the woman next to them is not an enemy but her ally, “she’s got my back”. We may not always agree neither may we always like each other. But we have the sister bond of mutual love, respect and compassion. And this “I belong” can be infected in offices, homes, families, churches, schools, colleges and universities. And these places can transform into healthy, loving and thriving communities.

Thank you! May God bless this revolution, may He awaken the hearts and lives of women. AMEN!