Karibu Dada

Need a safe place to let your guard down, grow and just be? We miss you our sister! Come join us! You’ve been alone for far too long!

Join An UDADA Circle?

Udada is a worldwide revolution for awakening a fresh connection amongst women to restore their spiritual, relational, social and economic health for thriving communities.
Udada is a philosophy of sisterhood. It is our new culture!

Any woman next to you anywhere is your sister...whether in your neighbourhood, in a bus, in the office or in church, so we must reach out to her with the light of love.


An ANNUAL subscription applies to every member of an Udada Circle, we are still working on giving you back much more over and above your subscriptions, but here are some of the Benefits of membership:

  1. Free attendance of the Udada Sisterhood Gatherings every 1st Tuesday of the Month – Udada Circle members attend for free.
  2. Free guest pass for one (you are entitled to one guest for the UDADA Gatherings as long as they are accompanied by you)
  3. Access to the UDADA circles Inpowerment and empowerment materials
  4. Preferred sitting at the UDADA events
  5. Priority invites to events
  6. Automatic membership into UDADA Circles Movies and Book Club at discounted costs for the sessions
  7. Discounts on UDADA branded merchandise
  8. Discounts for UDADA events such as conferences and dinners
  9. Discount on one guest ticket for our events such as conferences and dinners
  10. Discount for advertising your products and services on UDADA Circles Website and Facebook page
  11. Discount Displaying and Pitching your products and services during our events
  12. The commitment to your spiritual, personal and sisterhood #UDADA growth is a commendable investment!

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